Our Philosophy

At TCI, we help set the NEW industry standard.The days of blasting and painting in the back 40 and hoping the overspray, etc. doesn’t cause any complaints or warrant unfriendly visitors are long gone folks!” We use state-of-the-art technology to make sure that every aspect of our facility is the best and allows us to perform our duties to a customer's exact specification. We take into account all types of challenges to our profession and address each one with a long-term solution. We use only the best materials along with constant training to improve our application techniques minimize material costs, reduce the occurrence of errors, and obtain the best possible finish. 


*TCI is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our owner and management team is always a phone call away. We also have staff on-site 24 hours a day, most days out of the year.

*TCI has “Shop floor control”. The core of any company is not only its ability to write or purchase procedures, but the ability to effectively enforce those procedures and continually measure and improve them. At TCI, we have “shop floor control”, and our staff is qualified, trained, and held accountable for procedures that are written in our quality manual. Our core values and reputation depend on our ability to enforce the standards that we are selling you.

*It takes more than good painters! Once you decide on TCI to bid on a job, we will ask informed questions and remain in contact with you to ensure the job is completed on your schedule to your exact specifications. We know that we cannot meet the needs of absolutely everyone, but you will receive honest feedback and REALISTIC DUE DATES. Although with our methods and equipment we are able to turn products around much quicker than competitors.

*Our staff is trained to work with freight forwarders, packers, and logistics companies. TCI understands that it is our job not only to paint your product but to make sure you get it back when you need it and in perfect condition. We will work with your third party crews and help get your project down the road. 

* TCI is willing to schedule and/or accommodate 3rd party inspections of your product. Whether it’s an after blast MPI, UT, pull test, or paint inspection, you are more than welcome to send your inspectors our way. Please inform us of any manufacturing hold points (ex. MPI after blast) so that we may include this in our routing system.

* TCI provides a safe working environment and demands safety awareness. Whether at your location or ours, team members and those around them are expected to maintain our safety standards. TCI holds weekly safety meetings highlighting new topics and holds accountable those whom choose to forget. TCI has an outstanding safety record and will continue to educate our personnel and audit our processes.

* TCI is proud to comply with ISO, API, SSPC, NACE, AISC, ABS




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